Why Choose Arizona College – Las Vegas

Picture 139Our Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program gives students exposure to hands-on nursing techniques, high-quality laboratory simulations and theoretical knowledge by expert faculty. Students come to Arizona College for many reasons, some of these reasons, include they won’t be lost in the shuffle. We have a personal vested interest in each of our students, and strive to give them the greatest learning experiences that they might be able to reach their greatest potential.

Enjoy small classroom ratios, access to innovative laboratories, flexible faculty hours and other resources either in or outside of the classroom to heighten your academic experience. At the end of your school journey, we’ll even help you in your job search by reviewing your resume, conducting mock interviews with you and providing tips or insights to help facilitate your employment. Get in touch with us today to launch your new healthcare career!


Our Goals

Throughout your academic career at Arizona College, you’ll encounter a variety of coursework, but at the center of it all is the goal of equipping you to be the best nursing professional possible. Our commitment to  accomplishing the following:

  • To provide a thorough nursing education through a combination of lecture, laboratory and clinical exposure.
  • To provide periodic testing to assess your mastery of course content
  • To provide a review course to prepare you to take and pass the NCLEX licensure exam.

Our CampusesMed Pro instructor

You may be aware of our two campuses in the Phoenix metro area – Glendale and Mesa – but what about our brand new Las Vegas campus? Our expansion into Nevada allows us to serve  populations desiring attendance at  Arizona’s nursing program but the distance was prohibitive. Our new facility features lecture halls with multimedia capabilities, labs with real-life experiential exposure in a safe environment, and a broad array of  other amenities designed to make your time at Arizona College a growth-fulfilling educational experience.

Arizona College, Las Vegas School of Nursing  is located just off Interstate-15 and Sahara Avenue, tucked away safe from the neon lights and the glitz of the strip.

Contact us today set up a future visit or simply speak with one of our admissions staff to see how our nursing program could change your life.