Do you like using technology and computers? Do you enjoy detailed work? Are you looking for a rewarding career that is in demand, with an interest in the healthcare field?

If you enjoy working independently and possess a strong attention to detail, a Health Information Technician (Billing and Coding) career may be for you!

Health Information careers are in demand. No matter your situation in life, a small first step is all you need to start on the path to becoming a Health Information specialist. That’s why Arizona College (formerly Arizona College of Allied Health) is dedicated to providing the information you need to make a decision that’s right for you.

Take that small first step and learn about the simple process to become a Health Information specialist.

Health Information Training from an Accredited Institute is the First Step

Completing a Health Information Associate Degree or Diploma program is the beginning step to becoming a Health Information specialist. To begin a training program, you will need to gain the education required to earn a Degree or Diploma in Medical Assisting. In most cases, the level of education required is a high school diploma or equivalent.

Arizona College offers both Associate Degree and Diploma programs for Health Information students, with sessions that start every 5 weeks.

The Health Information Degree is an Associate Degree and includes a curriculum of billing and coding, general education, as well as Human Resources and Management courses, resulting in a well-rounded education. A degree in Health Information may give an additional advantage to those graduates who may be interested in potential Billing and Coding Management employment opportunities.

The Health Information Specialist Diploma is a certificate program and includes a curriculum of medical billing and coding lecture and computer laboratory courses required for a solid foundation in Health Information.

Before choosing a Health Information training program, there a number of factors to consider. One of the most valuable to consider whether the school is accredited, as Arizona College is. Other important factors which you should consider include:

  • Availability of lecture and hands-on training in medical billing and coding.
  • The use and availability of appropriate software in a computer laboratory setting.
  • Lectures that are led by experienced faculty.
  • The opportunity to gain real-world experience through externships.
  • Focused course material which will prepare you for certification as a Health Information specialist.

Getting Your Health Information Certification

Once a diploma or degree is obtained, graduates have the opportunity to pursue certification. The curriculum offered by Arizona College provides the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to obtain certification as a Health Information Specialist . Our school also provides Career Services to aid in post-graduation employment.

Take the Next Step

If you enjoy using technology, like to analyze data, are a good communicator, and have an interest in the medical field, then a career as a Health Information Technician might be for you!

You might be curious as to what the next step is to become a Health Information specialist. Contact Arizona College today by filling out a form, and an Arizona College representative will contact you. You can also schedule an appointment to take a tour of our modern facilities and computer laboratories. Now is the time to start on the path to a new career as a Health Information specialist – take the first step today!