The Timeframe to Become a Medical Assistant

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Medical assisting careers can have a variety of options for schedules, job duties and work environments. From working in medical offices and emergency clinics, medical assistants normally work directly alongside a physician. However, medical assistants are not to be confused with physician assistants. Medical assistants do a lot of routine administrative and clinical tasks, whereas physician assistants will perform more in-depth procedures in examining, diagnosing and even treating the patient. All medical assistants essentially perform a similar set of job duties. We’ve broken down the different administrative and clinical tasks below: Common Medical Assistant Clinical Duties Prepping patients for exams Taking blood Performing lab tests Assisting physicians during exams Collecting lab specimens Explaining treatments to patients Administering medications as directed by physician Changing wound dressings Taking electrocardiograms Common Medical Assistant Administrative Duties Scheduling appointments Updating patient records Answering telephones Greeting patients Operating various computer applications Filling out insurance forms Booking…

What Comes After Arizona Dental Assistant School?

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You’ve studied hard, listened attentively and even attended a few tutoring sessions to reinforce the material. You’re so close to being a professional dental assistant, ready to take on the world of oral hygiene and work hands-on alongside dentists. Now, as you near the end of your career at an Arizona dental assistant school, you’re starting to ask yourself, “what comes next?” Have no fear. In this article, we’ll discuss what comes after finishing dental assistant school and what you can expect in this exciting stage of your career. Externship Most accredited Arizona dental assistant schools will have an externship program to give students the real world and hands-on experience they need to envision what the day-to-day work life is of a dental assistant. These externships come after all course and lab work is completed, typically lasting anywhere from four to eight weeks. A lot of times externships can be…

Career Prep: Starting Out Strong in Nursing

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Choosing to work toward a degree in nursing is a smart and rewarding choice for your professional future. Sure, nursing jobs are projected to grow 19% by 2022 and the median pay is may be attractive, but none of that compares to the experiences and fulfillment you’ll have helping a wide variety of patients each day. As a hands-on nursing school in Arizona, we give aspiring nurses a well-rounded curriculum that helps to prepare them for the challenging, diverse field of healthcare. Check out why attending our nursing program will help you start a career as a registered nurse. Be Credible with a Bachelors There are several routes available to becoming a nurse. You can try your hand as an orderly or nurse’s aide and hope to eventually work your way up (with some schooling along the way), attend a 2-year program and get your Associates degree, become a licensed…

Nursing Careers are Smart Moves

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Nursing is a great career choice for those who are committed to making a difference in the lives of others. Those who decide to go back to school to pursue a degree in Nursing have a big decision to make – what type of Nursing program to choose. Many schools across the country offer either a Registered Nursing program or a Licensed Practical Nursing program. There are career growth and educational opportunities for RNs. As a Registered Nurse, there are opportunities for career growth, as well as opportunities to explore various related roles, such as Nurse Practitioner or Nurse Educator.

Spotlight on Employment Partner Massage Envy Spa

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Massage Envy Spa has been an employment partner of Arizona College Massage Therapy graduates for many years.  We appreciate their partnership with our Career Services Department and continued support in providing employment opportunities for the college’s Massage Therapy Graduates.  We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Cary Underwood, who is the Arizona Regional Recruiter for Massage Envy.  We wanted to focus on the background of Massage Envy and how Arizona College Massage Therapy graduates have been an asset in providing knowledgeable massage therapy services. Massage Envy Spa is the pioneer and national leader of affordable massage and spa services. Nearly a decade ago, Massage Envy Spa was launched to create a completely new category in the wellness industry. Their intention was to promote a healthy lifestyle through affordable massage and spa services. As it turned out, people liked this idea. Founded in 2002 right here in Scottsdale, Arizona, Massage…