Congressewomen Kyrsten Sinema visits Arizona College Mesa Campus


On February 18th, 2014, Ms. Sinema visited our Mesa campus, which is located in her District #9.  As an adjunct instructor at Arizona State University and a former social worker, she understands the value of education and the importance of schools like Arizona College.  Ms. Sinema took a tour of the college and spent some time talking with several Arizona College students.  The students discussed their backgrounds, why they enrolled in school, and why they chose to attend Arizona College.  Afterwards, she attended a luncheon with several local Career College Executives, hosted by Arizona College.  She led an engaging discussion about education policy and other subjects that are affecting the state of Arizona.

Congresswomen Kyrsten Sinema, is an Arizona native. Ms. Sinema understands the financial difficulties that some Arizona families face. Growing up, her family faced serious poverty and struggled to meet their basic needs.  She did not let the financial burden hold her down, she worked hard work in school getting good grades, which resulted in a full-ride scholarship to college!  While attending high school, she saved money by attending community college and earning over 60 college course credits.

After finishing her college education, Ms. Sinema began her career as a social worker.  Many of the challenges that she assisted families with were poverty, homelessness, job loss and abuse.  It did not take long for her to realize that without looking at the big picture and implementing real governmental change, the problems these families in Arizona were facing would not be fixed in the long term.

With a strong desire to reform the broken system, Ms. Sinema went back to school and started working at the grassroots level to help people access state leaders and talk about their needs. She lobbied for better schools and fought to ensure that the services taxpayers fund were actually helping the people who need and deserve them. Her feeling was that if she could help struggling people change their future instead of just focusing on short-term, then she had done her job. Because she believes that everyone should get the same opportunity and that the system should not favor those at the very top, she ran for the legislature and won.

Thank you to Ms. Sinema for taking time out of her busy schedule to visit with us.

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