Medical Assisting: Diploma vs. Degree


>Arizona College medical assisting studentAspiring Medical Assistants have two options when it comes to their education, and it can be difficult when it comes time to choose which path to pursue. Should they go for an associate degree or a diploma? Well, it all depends on how much time they have, what skills they wish to learn, and what their future plans are for their career and education.

At first blush, it may seem like a degree would be the best choice. In sixty week period it takes to complete the Associate Degree in Medical Assisting at Arizona College, students take a variety of classes in clinical procedures, first aid, anatomy, lab techniques, billing, law and ethics, medical terminology, administration, patient relations, pharmacology, and physiology. However, a degree in Medical Assisting typically comes with a higher price tag than a diploma, and isn’t necessarily a requirement to work in the field.

Diplomas and certificates provide another possibility for those wanting to become a Medical Assistant. These programs are usually shorter so as to allow students to enter into the workplace as quickly as possible. For example, the Medical Assisting diploma program at Arizona College of Allied takes three 10-week quarters to complete, including a five-week clinical externship off campus. Affordable and shorter than the degree program, the diploma program offers the perfect option for those who are anxious to dive into a new career in the medical field.

So if you’re thinking about starting a Medical Assisting program, it’s important to weigh the options and pick the track that best suits your individual goals and requirements. Contact Arizona College of Allied Health and let us help you choose the right Medical Assisting program for you.