What is Allied Health?


As the nation continues to recover from the recent recession and unemployment numbers remain high, one field that continues to grow is allied health. Allied health careers include all healthcare professions outside of doctors, dentists, and Nurses. There are dozens of different allied health roles that range from Medical Assistants to Massage Therapists.

Allied health professionals work in a wide variety of environments. Depending on the specialty, the facility may range from a clinic to a hospital, from a dental office to a day spa. Among the many growing career paths, some of the most popular allied health fields that are offered at Arizona College include Dental Assisting, Health Information Technology, Massage Therapy, Pharmacy Technology, Medical Assisting, and Phlebotomy.

While providing a range of diagnostic, technical, therapeutic, and direct patient care and support services, allied health professionals work closely with patients, doctors, and Nurses. Many careers in allied healthcare require a postsecondary degree or some type of certification or training, but many of the programs take up to only two years, making them great options when you are looking for a relatively quick career change.

There are many opportunities for allied health professionals to advance their careers as they gain skills and experience, which is why many allied health positions are considered career ladder jobs. To learn how you can begin a career in allied health, visit www.arizonacollege.edu.

Information in this blog post is accurate as of November 4, 2013.