What Your Scrubs Say About You


Healthcare professionals aren’t typically afforded a lot of downtime during the day, so personal appearance is likely the last thing that medical assistants, pharmacy technicians, dental assistants, and phlebotomists think about while at work. One of the many perks of a job in healthcare is that getting dressed for work is a snap – just throw on your favorite scrubs and you’re ready to head out the door! But unless your workplace enforces a restrictive dress code, there’s no harm in having a little fun with your scrub selection.

Whether you prefer cartoon characters, solid colors, or showing your support for your favorite sports team with spirit scrubs, you might be surprised by what message your uniform sends. From fit to color, here are five of the most popular types of scrubs and what they say about you:

1. Multi-pocket scrubs: You like to be prepared at all times. People know you’re the person to ask if they need a pen, a sticky note, or a roll of medical tape at any given moment.

2. Blue or black scrubs: You’re the kind of person who doesn’t like to over complicate things.

3. Patterned scrubs: You don’t take yourself too seriously. You spend enough time at work – why not have a little fun while you’re there?

4. White scrubs: You take pride in keeping yourself and your workspace organized and squeaky-clean.

5. Athletic, stretchy scrubs: Comfort is your biggest priority as you run from place to place throughout the day.

As long as your employer doesn’t enforce a dress code, it’s easy to find a pair of scrubs that keep you comfortable and allow you to express yourself!

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