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A Growing Industry With Career Advancement Opportunity

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries in America and there are job opportunities in many different areas. Between 2022 and 2032, the U.S. healthcare industry will add 1.8 million new jobs openings each year. These roles often provide strong job security, good benefits, and opportunities for promotion into other healthcare jobs. Arizona College offers 6 education programs for healthcare careers.

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Medical Assistant  

Job Overview:  Medical assistants perform a range of healthcare tasks in a given day. It’s one of the most dynamic roles in all of healthcare.  Responsibilities can include assisting physicians with patient care, updating medical records, preparing medical instruments for doctors and physicians, drawing blood, and communicating with patients.

One of the greatest benefits to working as a medical assistant is that you’ll gain experience in many areas of healthcare, setting you up for long-term career growth. Medical assistant jobs are expected to grow by 18% between 2020 and 2030 — adding 132,600 new roles.  

You Might Like This Role If:  

  • You want a career with strong job security, and opportunities for growth 
  • You like to work on a variety of different tasks 
  • You enjoy both patient care and communicating with patients  
  • You want to learn about both the patient care side of healthcare and the administrative side 
Medical Assistant Program and Phlebotomist training at Arizona College in Mesa, Arizona.

Massage Therapist 

Job Overview:  Massage therapists treat clients by using touch to manipulate the muscles and other soft tissues of the body. They can be a huge help to patients struggling with muscle pain or recovering from an injury. Massage therapy is one of the most flexible roles in all of healthcare. 

Massage Therapy Allied Health training program at Arizona College in Mesa, Arizona.

One of the greatest benefits is that as a massage therapist, you would have more control over your work environment and work schedule than many other healthcare positions. Massage therapists can work in environments like spas, physician offices, gyms, hotels, and more.  

You Might Like This Role If: 

  • You enjoy having more flexibility in your work schedule  
  • You like the idea of working in a variety of environments (Clinics, Health Spas, Resorts etc.)  
  • You love talking directly with patients and learning more about them 

Dental Assistant 

Job Overview: Similar to medical assistants, dental assistants complete a variety of tasks within dental practice. Dental assistants work alongside dentists and dental hygienists to provide patient care during procedures and examinations. They can also assist with clinical (back office), administrative (front office), and other special projects or lab tasks within dental practice. 

One of the key benefits to this role is that you’ll learn about every major area of dentistry, while gaining hands-on patient care experience. 

You Might Like This Role If: 

  • You like to work on a variety of different tasks 
  • You’d love to work specifically in the dental field 
  • You enjoy talking with patients directly 
Dental Assistant School allied health program students in lab.

Pharmacy Technician  

Job Overview:  Pharmacy technicians work hand-in-hand with pharmacists on a variety of healthcare tasks. Pharmacy technicians may assist in filling prescriptions, ensuring prescription accuracy, administrative tasks, communicating with patients, and more. Pharmacy technicians are a crucial part of the overall pharmacy team.

Pharmacy Technician Program student using a computer at Arizona College

One of the key benefits to the role is the ability to work in the pharmacy field without the need to attend pharmacy school. 

You Might Like This Role If: 

  • You like working collaboratively with other healthcare professionals 
  • You are detail-oriented and organized 
  • You are considering a long-term career as a pharmacist but want to work in the pharmacy industry first to see how you like it 
  • You enjoy talking with patients   

Medical Billing & Coding 

Job Overview:  Medical billing and coding specialists (also known as health information specialists) work to help manage the administrative side of healthcare. The role is a key part of a healthcare team. Medical billers and coders ensure the quality and accuracy of medical records and billing accounts. They also ensure a medical practice is getting properly reimbursed for the patient care they provide.

One of the key benefits of becoming a medical biller and coder is the strong demand for the role. Jobs in this field are projected to grow 9% between 2020 to 2030, adding 37,100 new jobs. 

You Might Like This Role If: 

  • You want to work in healthcare, but not necessarily on the patient-care side 
  • You are organized and enjoy detail-oriented work   
  • You’d like the flexibility to work in a variety of healthcare environments or from home 
Healthcare Career students studying at Arizona College

Healthcare Administration / Medical Office Manager 

Job Overview:  Health care administrators help to ensure that all administrative elements of a healthcare practice are functioning properly. They often help to lead a variety of healthcare professionals in a medical office environment. Duties can include overseeing employees and settings, monitoring budgets, updating health records, collaborating with healthcare specialists on billing, and working with insurance companies to ensure proper re-imbursement. 

Healthcare Career Program School Faculty with Student

One of the key benefits of the role is that healthcare administrators can have a strong influence over how a particular medical office is run. 

You Might Like This Role If: 

  • You want to advance your healthcare career 
  • You have strong communication and leadership skills 
  • You want to work in healthcare, but not necessarily on the patient-care side 
  • You enjoy collaborating with a variety of healthcare roles 
  • You like working in positions where you have strong influence over how the team operates 

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Why Choose a Healthcare Career?   

Working in the healthcare industry has many substantial benefits.  As you consider a career in healthcare, here’s just a few of the advantages:  

  • Strong job security and industry growth. Healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries in America. Between 2020 – 2030, healthcare will add more new jobs than any other industry. 
  • Working in healthcare provides a stable income and typically provides good benefits, in an industry with bright prospects for the future. 
  • Work in a professional environment with many opportunities for advancement. 
  • Make a real difference in peoples lives. 
  • Medical careers offer you the chance to build a better future for yourself and your family. 
Allied Health Program Students pursuing a career in healthcare at Arizona College.

How Arizona College Can Prepare You For These Healthcare Careers  

Arizona College offers comprehensive education programs for all 6 of the healthcare careers in this guide. Each of our healthcare programs can be completed in about 9 months. Students benefit from experienced instruction, hands-on technical training, and industry-standard facilities with professional medical equipment. 

Key Benefits of Our Career Education Programs:  

Your healthcare future starts now. Contact an advisor to get started.

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Career Services & Job Search Support 

At Arizona College, we know that your ultimate goal is to start a rewarding career. It’s why we have a complete careers services team that helps every student prepare for their job search.  

Our career advisors assist students with resume writing, interview preparation, networking tips, and job searching guidance. Arizona College also partners with healthcare employers in the Phoenix area to offer students potential job opportunities. Learn more about our Career Services team.  

Hear From Our Students  

Arizona College has helped me tremendously. I knew that I had to do better and be better for my 2 little girls. I love all of my instructors. They want you to succeed and do everything they can to help you reach your goals.

Mariah Torres, Dental Assistant Graduate, Glendale Campus

The real-world experience that the Arizona College instructors bring into the classroom is incredibly insightful. It gives us the knowledge we need for our future career endeavors.

Wendy Priest, Medical Billing & Coding Student, Mesa Campus

The best part of Arizona College are the instructors. Each teacher provides a great atmosphere for us to learn. And they all show us what the real-world of healthcare is going to be like.

Fredy Castro, Medical Assistant Student, Mesa Campus

I’ve really enjoyed my time here in the medical billing & coding program. I’ve learned a lot and feel as though I am well prepared for the field. Each instructor has their own way of teaching, but they all do so in a way that you can comprehend. I highly recommend Arizona College!

Carey Kimble, Medical Billing & Coding Graduate, Mesa Campus