A Guide to Becoming a Registered Nurse

A career as a registered nurse (RN) is rewarding in many ways. The healthcare field has high demand for those with a nursing license in Nevada, or any state. As a nurse in Las Vegas, you will meet new people each day, gain exposure to different types of environments, and work a schedule that suits your lifestyle.

The road to becoming a nurse culminates with taking a nursing license exam. Of course, there are many steps along the way and the path begins with choosing an RN school that is truly right for you. Arizona College of Nursing – Las Vegas would love to be your partner on your journey.

Choosing a Nursing School

In addition to whatever personal criteria you covet in a school, make sure the one you choose meets the following:

  • Nursing program is approved by the Nevada State Board of Nursing
  • Curriculum offers real-world application and provides ample opportunity for students to develop interpersonal and critical thinking skills

Arizona College meets this criteria and more. Our Las Vegas campus gives you personalized attention and offers services that cater to your unique needs, including:

What to Expect in a Nursing School

The nursing program in Las Vegas is a commitment of at least three years. If you will be taking classes part-time to start, another year or two of study will be necessary. To be a full-time student at Arizona College of Nursing – Las Vegas, you must be enrolled in at least 12 credit hours per semester in the general education portion of the program. In its entirety, the program consists of 120 credit hours and 877 clinical hours.

Our courses are focused on teaching students the foundations of nursing and skills that will translate to a variety of healthcare environments. You’ll learn:

  • Ethical practices of the nursing field
  • How to lead teams and collaborate with other healthcare workers
  • Best patient interaction practices
  • Patient health records maintenance/li>
  • How to administer medications
  • How to use the health systems, equipment, and technology
  • Human systems, anatomy, and physiology

Our Nursing program will also include general education studies that can help you improve your writing, mathematics, and critical thinking skills. These fundamental skills will help you learn the nursing content.

Review Arizona College’s BSN Program of Study for more specific information about the coursework.

Nursing Licensure

After you’ve earned your nursing degree, you are eligible to take your National Council Licensure Exam in Registered Nursing (NCLEX-RN). You must pass this examination before you can receive a nursing license in Nevada (or another state of your choosing).
After passing the exam, you will follow these steps to obtain your Nevada nursing license:

  • Fill out and sign an original copy of the nursing license application
  • Pay the application fee
  • Supply a fingerprint card
  • Have a certificate of completion from your nursing program (or your official transcripts if you graduated out-of-state) sent directly to NVBN (or other applicable state)
  • Mail the application in or bring your application to the Board in-person

Once your application is received and reviewed, you will be issued a nursing license. This license needs to be renewed every two years.

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