Transferring to Arizona College

Students in Class

Arizona College accepts many transfer students. Often, these students are interested in transferring credits from other health or technical colleges in order to complete their degree or certificate programs here. We accept transfer credits from accredited institutions, as long as the following conditions are satisfied:

  • The person requesting transfer credit is a currently enrolled student.
  • An internal audit must confirm that the courses submitted are equivalent to courses offered at Arizona College. This decision is based on our evaluation of the course’s level, credit hours, and catalog description.
  • A letter grade of “C” or higher was earned for the course.
  • Time requirements are met:
    • Core curriculum courses must have been completed within two years of starting classes at Arizona College.
    • Science-related general education courses must have been completed within 10 years.
    • Official transcripts must be received from the former institution prior to a student’s first term, or no transfer credits will be granted for that term.

A maximum of 50% of program credits can be transferred from another institution — the other 50% of required coursework must be completed through Arizona College.

We accept transfer of complete diploma programs without time limitation that 1) include the appropriate major course distribution, and 2) are similar in length to Arizona College diploma programs.

We do not currently accept high school courses or Advanced Placement test scores as transfer credit.

To inquire about transfer credits associated with CLEP test scores, or with any other questions, please contact Student Services.

Applying for transfer credit

To apply for transfer credit, please submit an official transcript from the institution where the credit was earned. The institution must be accredited by an agency recognized by the United States Department of Education or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

You may submit your transcript and catalog directly to your admissions representative using the contact information he or she provides. These materials must be received prior to starting your first term in order to be considered for transfer credit.

Approval process

After we receive your submission, we will perform an audit of your coursework to determine whether the courses submitted are equivalent to courses offered at Arizona College.

If your credit transfer is approved, you will be contacted via U.S. mail with an official letter from the college. At this point, you should talk to your admissions representative about appropriate next steps toward completing your program.

If your transfer is not approved and you have questions, please contact Student Services and set up an appointment to discuss the matter with your program director.

To learn more about the credit transfer process or to request information about allied health programs offered at Arizona College, contact us online or call (602) 222-9300.