Enrollment Requirements

The following are requirements for attending Arizona College (formerly Arizona College of Allied Health):

  • Student Application and Disclosures
  • High School Diploma/GED Verification Statement or Ability to Benefit Testing (ATB)
  • Passing score on our entrance exam
  • Enrollment Agreement
  • Financial Aid Packaging

Enrollment Process

Arizona College only admits persons who have a high school diploma, or its recognized equivalent, or persons who are beyond the age of compulsory school attendance in Arizona. Students who are beyond the age of compulsory attendance but do not have a high school diploma or its recognized equivalent must meet ability-to-benefit criteria or have a state certificate equivalent to a high school diploma. An admissions officer will have an interview with each applicant and discuss the college’s specific requirements. Each applicant must successfully complete an entrance examination.

An initial interview with an admissions officer is required. We recommend that a spouse or parent also attend this interview, giving them an opportunity to ask specific questions relating to the College and its programs. The following items and topics will be covered at the time of the interview and completed at the time of admission:

1. Student application

2. High School Diploma/GED Verification Statement or Ability To Benefit Testing (ATB)

3. Passing score on Evaluation test

4. Enrollment Agreement/financial arrangements

When the above requirements are met, the college Director sends a letter of acceptance to the applicant. Should an applicant not be accepted, all fees paid to the College are refunded to the applicant. The College reserves the right to reject a student previously accepted if the required items listed above are not completed or received as understood.

All students are required to complete a High School Diploma/ GED Verification/Attestation at the time of enrollment. This signed statement will serve as verification that the student has completed the educational requirement for admission to the College. Contact Arizona College today for your questions about our programs or the enrollment process.