See What Our Students Say About Arizona College


“After being a housewife for ten years, I’ve got a whole new life thanks to Arizona College.  I had the most caring instructors anyone can have, and have learned venipuncture, something I’ve always wanted to do.  Thanks so much to my great teachers!”

—Selina Guevara, Medical Assisting Graduate

“Completing the Medical Assisting Degree Program provided me with an opportunity to grow both personally and professionally.  I have also had the opportunity to meet the most wonderful instructors and students, allowing me to push myself academically and challenging me to strive to achieve high goals throughout my college life…Thank you for the experiences at Arizona College!”

—Randi Viersen, Medical Assisting Degree Graduate

“Arizona College was one of the best things I have found.  When I was at a point of giving up because I did not know what to do with my life, I saw their commercial…I was trained in both front and back office procedures which is great…Thanks Arizona College for helping me start a career!”

Jasmyn Chavez, Medical Assisting Graduate


“Completing the Health Information Technology Degree Program has given me the technical skills to move to the next level.  I now have a great career and a great new job. I’m sure I would not be where I am if I had not attended Arizona College of Allied Health.”

Alicia Schmidt, Health Information Technology Degree Graduate


“Arizona College brought me fulfillment in my life.  I wanted to change my career and they made that possible.  The teachers as a whole taught me well, and I enjoyed the hands on learning as well as the in-depth lectures.”

Melicia Cary, Medical Assisting Graduate


“At Arizona College of Allied Health I learned many things.  I enjoyed the hands on classes and the teachers taught me what I needed to know for when I enter the field.”

—Crystal Hernandez, Medical Assisting Degree Graduate


“I really enjoyed my experience at this school!  I had some GREAT teachers and made some good friends.  This school definitely prepared me to be a great MA and I am confident that I know what I need to successfully make it in the medical field.”

Angela Hixenbaugh, Medical Assistant


“When I started school I did not know what to expect, but for the past year I have been filled with skills and knowledge.  This year has been amazing, a life changing experience.  I will come back to do another program.  I love it and will recommend people to this school.  Nothing more to say except ‘I’ll be back!'”

—Sylvia Gudino, Health Information Technology Graduate


“My experience at Arizona College has been a life changing one.  I’ve learned skills that are needed to have a successful career as a Medical Assistant. The teachers overall were very helpful, friendly and always available for additional questions on any of the subjects we studied.  They care about your success and obviously enjoy what they do.  I was also taught professionalism which will help me to handle various situations.  Arizona College was an amazing experience!”

Alyssa Cardinale, Medical Assisting Graduate

“I have had an incredible experience at Arizona College.  The instructors have been beyond helpful while teaching and assisting students if they were struggling.  My favorite class was radiology by far!  I would recommend this college to any and every one.  Thank you to all the staff for making my future bright!”

—Robert Green, Dental Assisting Graduate


“Currently I am pursuing naturopathic medicine; a field I never would have known about if I hadn’t studied massage therapy. I never would have pursued if it wasn’t for the encouragement from my instructors.  Truly, attending Arizona College has changed my life… I’m very excited and motivated. I’m happy to have found a career I’m so passionate about.  Thank you!”

Maria Amador, Massage Therapy Program Graduate


“I love my job. I love my patients. Earning a degree is the best thing that I have ever done.”

—Alyssa Conner, Medical Assisting Graduate


“I’m happy with my life and the choices that I’ve made. I’m incredibly grateful to Arizona College for my experience.”

Evan Phillips, Pharmacy Technician Graduate


“All of the instructors at Arizona College are caring and patient. Any questions you have…they have the answers.”

—Angel Kobasic, Dental Assisting Graduate


“I am very enthusiastic about being a student at Arizona College…I love the way my instructors challenge me.”

—La’Shatirerra Harris, Medical Assisting Graduate


“Being a student at Arizona College has been full of challenges and has prepared me for my future career as a Pharmacy Technician.”

Lianet Beyra, Pharmacy Technician Graduate


“I’m looking forward to my new career…My time at Arizona College of Allied Health has been rewarding and fulfilling.”

—Amanda Hughs-Ray, Dental Assisting Graduate


“If you’re considering a career in the Dental Field, I cannot stress enough to you how valuable this program can be. Some of the reasons why I have really enjoyed this program include: knowledgeable instructors that have worked in the dental field, we have our own operatory, lab and x-ray room, we get “real” hands on, in-depth and fun experience of dentistry on a daily basis.”

—Jonathan Wintz-Chapin, Dental Assisting Graduate


“I would recommend this program to others who are interested in Massage Therapy.”

—David Bravo, Massage Therapy Graduate


“My experience at Arizona College was amazing. All of the instructors were so friendly and helpful and really want nothing more than your success and to see you achieve your goals…I am really glad I chose Arizona College.”

—Theresa Le, Phlebotomy Graduate


“Thank you Arizona College for helping me get on my way to the perfect career.”

—Jessica Hines, Medical Assisting Graduate


“I loved my time at Arizona College. The instructors were very knowledgeable and friendly.  They pushed me and helped me strive for more. Because of my instructors, I’m striving to get into dental school to become a dentist.”

Bryan Harris, Dental Assisting Graduate


“Arizona College has given me an excellent experience. I learned so much while attending. I received all the skills and training needed to complete my externship.”

—Danna Smith, Phlebotomy Graduate


“We both want to thank the college for making our dreams possible and making us successful dental assistants. Without our amazing instructors, we wouldn’t have been the ‘A’ team at Canyon Modern Dentistry.”

—Amy McCue and Amie Salamone, Dental Assisting Graduates


“Awesome! That is the first word that comes to my mind-not only about my experience with the training, but with the college as a whole!”

Kim Williams, Phlebotomy Graduate


“I felt like I was prepared for being in the field. The teachers give you the confidence and training to do the job. I thank you for everything!”

Robbie Tucker, Medical Assisting Graduate


“Arizona College gave me the skills to find a career and stop working at a job. The instructors were very helpful and encouraging.

—Tiffany Szakal, Medical Assisting Graduate


“Done with externship and already a full-time Dental Assistant associate! Couldn’t have done it without all the great teachers at Arizona College! I’m truly glad that I chose to be a Dental Assistant and that I went to Arizona College for my education.”

—Anna Savic, Dental Assisting Graduate


“Coming to Arizona College was the most awesome experience I have had, ever. It’s a learning experience about life and the medical world.”

—Inez Hernandez, Medical Assisting Graduate


“I really feel they taught me all I needed to know to be a great Dental Assistant. It really was proven when I went on my externship because from the very first day, I was doing things on my own with the doctor and I felt very comfortable because I had the skills and knowledge to do the work. My site told me my second week that I was a keeper and they would be hiring me.”

—Amie Salamone, Dental Assisting Graduate


“I now have the skills required to be a successful Medical Assistant. I am confident that I will be successful in my endeavors to be a Medical Assistant; I was actually hired off of my externship at Pain Centers of Arizona!”

—Raymond Sandoval, Medical Assistant Graduate


“I am honored to say that Arizona College has not only stood by their words. They have, as Program Directors, Faculty and Staff put those words into action! As a whole the Arizona College’s staff has supported me, not as just another student ID number but as a human being. To them I am not just another ‘Student in the Hall.’ I have been treated as a team player with a hand up in life, not a hand out.”

—Amanda Roberts, Medical Assisting Graduate


“Arizona College gave me a great foundation of knowledge to take with me into the real world of Dental Assisting…Thank you to all at Arizona College!”

Katie Kinsey, Dental Assisting Graduate


“The hands on approach and learning style at Arizona College, was truly an eye opening experience. It gave me the confidence of being today a reliable, competent and ethical health care practitioner.”

—Luminita Paravat, Pharmacy Technician Graduate