Aromatherapy & Massage


The Power of Aromatherapy in Conjunction with Massage.

Many cultures throughout history have been known to use aromatic plants for healing purposes. Popularized in the 1980s and 1990s, aromatherapy in conjunction with Massage Therapy has become increasingly mainstream in the spa industry. Aromatherapy is a powerful complement to traditional massage; the concentrated essential oils from specific plant materials encourage healing by relaxing and improving the mood of the patient.

During a massage, therapeutic oils may be administered directly to the skin, or indirectly using various techniques. Many Massage Therapists simply use aromatherapy burners to create a relaxing, scented atmosphere for the patient while performing the massage. Aromatherapy burners are typically small ceramic devices that include aromatherapy crystal stones – the essential oils are poured into the burner with a candle placed below, releasing a fragrant scent to enhance the massage treatment.

It is important for Massage Therapists with an interest in incorporating aromatherapy into their practice to understand how essential oils work within the body, including ways to safely produce, apply, and use a wide range of oils. Aromatherapy is a science as well as a healing art, and it is important for Massage Therapists who make use of aromatherapy to pursue aromatherapy training to fully understand the effects that these oils have on the body, including the healing benefits and potential skin irritations.

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