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Student Services

The Student Services Department at Arizona College will be here to offer a helping hand from your very first class through to graduation day. Whether you have questions about anything from textbooks and uniforms, to daycare options and transportation assistance, the Student Services team will be your go-to resource.

Academic Support

One of your earliest interactions with Student Services will be at orientation, where you will receive your class schedule, as well as information about textbooks, uniforms, and program specific policies and procedures.

Beyond coordinating student orientation, Student Services:

  • Tracks attendance
  • Ensures your student immunization records are current
  • Prints grades and transcripts
  • Answers questions about class schedules
  • Hosts award ceremonies for Attendance and Dean’s List honorees
  • Coordinates graduation and commencement

While the healthcare field requires that rigorous criteria be met for both students and professionals, our Student Services team will work closely with you to help you navigate and fulfill these requirements.

Arizona College Students and Alumni

To request a copy of your Official Transcript from Arizona College, please click on the link below:

Arizona College Transcript Request

You will need to provide personal credentials in order to verify your identity and complete your request.

Transcript Fees

  • Electronic Transcripts: $14 each
  • Paper Transcripts: $14 each (you may incur additional mailing fee)

Personal Support

The Arizona College Student Services Department is committed to providing the logistical and social support you need to help eliminate the outside stresses of live and ensure academic success. For those who need assistance, Student Services can arrange transportation resources as well as provide information on babysitting facilities, food banks, or temporary housing shelters.

Interested in learning more about the nursing and allied health programs at Arizona College? There’s never been a better time to get started. Request information online today, or call 855-579-0909 to speak with an Admissions Representative!