Credit Transfer Information

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Transferring to Arizona College of Nursing

If you’ve started your nursing or healthcare education at another accredited school, you might be able to transfer those credits to Arizona College of Nursing. Transferring credits can get you on track to complete your program in less time and at a lower cost.

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How to Apply for Transfer Credit

We make it easy to apply for transfer credit. You’ll need to request two things from your previous institution(s):

  • An official transcript
  • A copy of the course catalog

Once you have these two items, you may submit them directly to your Arizona College of Nursing admissions representative. Keep in mind these materials must be received before starting your first term to be considered for transfer credit, so the sooner you can provide them, the better.

Credit Transfer Eligibility

To accept your credits from another accredited institution, you’ll need to meet these conditions: 

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Next Steps: Transfer Credit Approval Process

After we receive your submission, we’ll audit your coursework to determine if the courses submitted are equivalent to courses offered at Arizona College.

If your credit transfer is approved – You will receive an official letter from Arizona College by U.S. mail. At this point, you should contact your admissions representative to take the next steps in the enrollment process. 

If your transfer is not approved – If you have questions about why your transfer wasn’t approved, you can contact Student Services and set up an appointment to discuss it with your program director.

We’re here to help.

For questions about transfer credits, including credits associated with CLEP test scores, contact Student Services and we’ll be happy to help.