Articulation Agreements To Assist With Student Transfers

Arizona College of Nursing and Arizona College are committed to providing greater educational opportunities and services for students who are interested in transferring. Listed below are Articulation Partnerships currently available for eligible students.

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Herzing University Logo

Herzing University

Arizona College of Nursing students with a course numbered 100 and above, and a grade of C or better, entering under the terms of their Articulation Agreement will transfer into Herzing University as long as the courses apply to their program requirements. Contact your campus Dean of Nursing to learn more.

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Trident University Logo

Trident University

Arizona College of Nursing students may transfer to a Trident University International (Trident) degree program following the completion of a course work and/or a degree program at Arizona College of Nursing. All courses approved for transfer into Trident University are designated as fulfilling general education or elective requirements. Clink on the link below to learn more.

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University of Phoenix Logo

University of Phoenix

Courses must have received a grade of C- or higher to transfer for General Education and Elective requirements and at least a grade of C or higher to transfer towards Required Course of Study requirements at the University of Phoenix. Contact an admissions advisor by requesting more information below.

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United States University Logo

United States University

USU students will have the opportunity to complete their Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degrees in an educationally enriching environment in courses that are held 8 weeks long in duration. Each transfer course must be completed with a “C” grade or better. For the BSHS HCA program, up to 90 semester credits maximum can be transferable.

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West Coast University Logo

West Coast University

WCU and Arizona College of Nursing’s articulation agreement highlights the desire to collaborate in order to facilitate the admission and transfer of students who graduate from AZCN’s BSN program into WCU’s MSN or MHA programs. Students eligible for admission and/or transfer between the two institutions are students who have graduated form Arizona College of Nursing in the past 12 months with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.

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Post University Logo

Post University

Students from Arizona College that enter through this articulation will receive either the Merit Scholarships for Transfer Students for Main Campus or 20 % off tuition for online program. Post University will provide advising for incoming students from Arizona College to ensure that baccalaureate program requirements are completed.

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