Oversee Day-To-Day Administrative Functions

Health Care Administrators (HCAs) oversee the day-to-day administrative functions of various health care organizations and provide leadership within medical practices or other health care settings. An HCA may have previous work experience in nursing or specialized allied health care professions (including dental assisting, medical billing and coding, pharmacy tech, and medical assisting) and changed careers into a role that involves contact with several different health care professionals.

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Health Care Administrator Program

Health Care Administration Responsibilities, Knowledge, and Skills

Health care administrators act in medical staff leadership roles, assisting with oversight within health care facilities. As leaders, HCAs may have responsibility for finance or human resources-related duties, such as supervising department personnel, coordinating scheduling, or budget tracking.

Health care administrators have frequent interactions with patients and the health professionals (including nurses and physicians) who provide their care within the medical office.

To be successful in their daily responsibilities, HCAs must have a high-level working knowledge of medical services, insurance, public health issues, and health care regulations. They also must possess strong business administration, time management, and communication skills. Effective health care administrators understand the importance of every individual’s contribution to a health care environment and patient care.

Health Care Administrator Work Environments and Jobs

Health administration is needed in every type of health-related facility, so job growth is steady. Health care administrators may find employment in many areas, including:


If you’re interested in the business administration side of the health care industry, are detail-oriented, and enjoy working behind the scenes to make a difference, Arizona College’s Health Care Administration Associate’s degree program may be for you! Our program’s curriculum provides you with the education and experience needed to become a health care administrator and perform medical office management and health facilities management services.

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