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How Being a Pharmacy Technician is Different Than Other Allied Health Careers

A pharmacy technician is a highly specialized role and does require special certifications and licensing before you can enter the workforce. Customer care and interaction is also a requirement that not all allied health careers share. Pharmacy technician is an ideal position for someone who prefers a flexible schedule, since work hours can be during the day, evening, weekends and holidays.

ABHES Accredited Nursing School
All Arizona College campuses are institutionally accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools, a U.S. Department of Education-recognized accrediting agency (
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Healthcare Is One Of The Fastest Growing Industries In The Country

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), an independent agency that analyzes economic statistics,  healthcare is the fastest growing industry in the country. Healthcare is projected to create about 45% of all job gains from 2022-2032, which means there is ample opportunity for those that hold degrees and certifications. Among these fast growing jobs is pharmacy technicians, which the BLS estimates as having a 6% growth rate.

As the average lifespan increases and more medications are developed, the need grows for qualified pharmacy technicians. These professionals work with sensitive materials and technical equipment and provide vital support for pharmacists and patients alike in all work environments, which range from local pharmacies to hospitals.

How To Become A Pharmacy Technician

The pharmacy technician role is a technical line of work that requires administrative, medical, and customer service skills within a busy pharmacy setting. You will need the proper training, certification, and licensure before you can become a pharmacy technician in Arizona or any other state. Take the first step in pursuing this career path by learning about the process of becoming a pharmacy technician.


National & Programmatic Accreditation

ABHES Accredited Nursing School

1 All Arizona College campuses are institutionally accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES), a U.S. Department of Education-recognized national accrediting agency.

American Society of Health-System Pharmacists

The Pharmacy Technician program at Arizona College is is accredited by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP). Accreditation is the act of granting credit or recognition, especially to an educational institution that maintains quality and compliance with the ASHP standards.

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