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A Typical Day In The Life of a Registered Nurse

The first thing to know about a registered nurse’s typical day, is that it’s anything but typical. Not all days will be easy, but all days will offer a new challenge and a sense of accomplishment. Nurses perform all kinds of tasks – either directly to patients or operationally – to ensure their healthcare workplace runs smoothly. You can find registered nurses working at a large hospital, a specialty clinic, in government health departments, in schools and even working as a traveling nurse.

Hospital Staff Nurse

Hospital RNs work in a variety of healthcare specialties. They conduct physical exams, take healthcare histories, and provide education to patients. Working in a hospital is a great option for RN’s that enjoy working in fast paced environment as part of team.

Home Health Nurse

Home health care nurses often perform similar duties as a hospital nurse but in a patient’s home. They take vitals, oversee treatment plans, work with families, and assess patient needs. Home health nurses like working independently and enjoy building relationships with their patients.

Public Health Nurse

While most nurses work with individual patients, public health nurses advocate for an entire population, by promoting good health in the communities they serve. Public health is a rewarding career for those that enjoy working with population groups, often in underserved communities, promoting best health care practices for the public good.

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The Best Parts of Nursing

Working as a registered nurse can be an incredibly rewarding experience. You’ll be making an impact in people’s lives daily. Here’s just a few of the benefits in a nursing career:

  • Making a real difference in peoples lives
  • Strong job growth and security for the future
  • Variety of career pathways to choose
  • A fulfilling career with sense of purpose

Amber Kool

DNP, RN | Director of Curriculum

The Role of A Nurse in Healthcare


“As a nurse you get to use your scientific mind along with a caring heart to impact patients and families. You’ll use your cognitive skills to assess and plan care, taking into consideration pathophysiology, lab work, medications, and previous history.

Along with the medical side of things you must consider patient preference, cultural considerations, psychosocial needs, and many more holistic variables that provide insight into who that person is, not just what their medical conditions are. You play a vital role as a member of the healthcare team and as an advocate for your patient and their family.” 

Amber Kool

DNP, RN | Director of Curriculum

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Nursing is Not Just a Job, It is a Career

The nursing profession is constantly innovating and that is great news for registered nurses that want to grow in their career. Registered nurses can change their job duties, work environment or specialty without having to change careers. RN’s can have fulfilling careers in fields such as community health care, health advocacy, or nurse education. Nurses can choose to work as a team, alone, or in a supervisor role.

Few professions give you the opportunity to touch lives in a meaningful way while providing the option to choose your work and environment and a career path based on your individual passions. By being open to change and committing to lifelong learning, the nursing profession can be richly rewarding throughout your career.

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Take Your First Step Toward Becoming a Registered Nurse

At Arizona College, we give students a blueprint for how to become a Registered Nurse. Take our challenging, real world-focused Bachelor of Science in Nursing program and enjoy a truly rewarding career.

Complete the Request Information form above to learn more about our program and the necessary next steps to becoming a registered nurse. Arizona College is a great place to begin your education. It is a friendly, caring school of nursing where you will be treated with respect and understanding.

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Admissions Requirements: BSN Program.

Future nurses choose Arizona College of Nursing for many reasons: convenient schedule, 3-year BSN program, high-tech facilities, personalized attention, and a solid reputation in our local medical community. Our classes start about every eight weeks, six times per year. Start your application today and starting nursing school sooner. Our admissions advisors are ready for your call.

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High school or college cumulative GPA of 2.75 is required for our BSN program. GED’s are also accepted.

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Assessment Score

Admission assessment minimum score of 60 is required.

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3-Year BSN Program

Reach your educational goals sooner with our flexible schedule and 3-year BSN program.

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Hear From Our Students

Arizona College of Nursing has no waiting list to get in. As soon as you make that call to Arizona College, the advisors are on it and they’re very supportive, helpful and they want you to pursue your career.

Janelle Adams, Class of 2020

The teachers and administration of Arizona College really do care about us. In my first month of school, the Dean of General Education had a one-on-one meeting with me to see how I was feeling. I don’t think I could find that level of support anywhere else.

Isabella Berry, Class of 2022