Career Prep: Starting Out Strong in Nursing

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Choosing to work toward a degree in nursing is a smart and rewarding choice for your professional future. Sure, nursing jobs are projected to grow 19% by 2022 and the median pay is may be attractive, but none of that compares to the experiences and fulfillment you’ll have helping a wide variety of patients each day. As a hands-on nursing school in Arizona, we give aspiring nurses a well-rounded curriculum that helps to prepare them for the challenging, diverse field of healthcare. Check out why attending our nursing program will help you start a career as a registered nurse. Be Credible with a Bachelors There are several routes available to becoming a nurse. You can try your hand as an orderly or nurse’s aide and hope to eventually work your way up (with some schooling along the way), attend a 2-year program and get your Associates degree, become a licensed…

What to Expect From Your Phlebotomist Training

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Each day Phlebotomists are on the front lines in healthcare rooms across the globe easing people’s nerves, drawing blood and properly storing that blood for future use. Getting the proper Phlebotomist training will ensure a fulfilling career on these critical front lines. At Arizona College, we provide a skills-based curriculum and adaptable schedule so you can learn the skills needed to flourish in Phlebotomy through our Medical Assistant with Phlebotomy program. Well-Rounded Curriculum An effective curriculum balances theoretical classroom instruction with real world, hands-on training. Our hands-on training involves drawing blood from fellow students and using lab facilities. Learn how to operate industry-standard lab equipment like microscopes, examination tables, centrifuge, platform scales, stethoscopes, medical instruments, anatomical charts and organ models from the guidance of an experienced faculty. In addition to in-classroom and lab resources, each student also has access to open lab and tutoring sessions. All you need to do…

Top Skills to be a Successful Health Information specialist

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It’s no secret the healthcare industry is poised to continue growing, and within that sector, Health Information positions are in demand. Healthcare organization need people to input and maintain patients’ health records—such as examinations, diagnostic tests, treatment procedures and various other recorded documents making up an accurate medical history. At Arizona College, we empower motivated individuals to take the first step to start a career in the Health Information sector. Continue reading to see the top skills required to have a successful career as a Health Information specialist. An Eye for Detail, Organization All these skills you’ll find on this list are important to your success as a Health Information specialist, but none will make your job easier than being extremely detail-oriented and organized. With so many patients and records to keep tabs on, even the slightest habits of disorganization can cause a snowball effect bleeding throughout the entire system.…

Insights Into Pharmacy Technician Schools & Training

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You may be toiling away at a dead-end career or fresh out of high school, looking for a more direct route into a career you can love, but in either case, exploring vocational schools and accredited training programs, such as Pharmacy Technician schools can be the catalyst. At Arizona College, we want you to be aware of what to expect as you think about beginning your journey. Keep reading to find out a little bit more about what a pharmacy technician is, and what their day-to-day activities include. What’s a Pharmacy Technician and What Does One Do? A pharmacy technician works within a team supervised by a licensed Pharmacist. Their day-to-day responsibilities include preparing and dispensing prescriptions for customers and healthcare professionals. Depending on where a technician works, they may interact directly with customers or work in a non-customer facing role. On a typical day, Pharmacy Technicians receive a patient’s…

Nursing Careers are Smart Moves

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Nursing is a great career choice for those who are committed to making a difference in the lives of others. Those who decide to go back to school to pursue a degree in Nursing have a big decision to make – what type of Nursing program to choose. Many schools across the country offer either a Registered Nursing program or a Licensed Practical Nursing program. There are career growth and educational opportunities for RNs. As a Registered Nurse, there are opportunities for career growth, as well as opportunities to explore various related roles, such as Nurse Practitioner or Nurse Educator.