A Call To Care: Celebrating Nurses Week 2022

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Nursing is not just a job; it is a calling.

This year’s theme for Nurses Week is “A Call To Care”. While nursing is a science, the individuals who choose nursing as a career are at the heart of the profession. Nurses are the eyes and ears of healthcare and play an integral role in the plan of care for patients. A nurse’s influence on a patient and their family is unparalleled.

I remember the first time in nursing school that I sat with a patient who was bedridden, angry, and needed someone to listen to them. That’s how I spent my day. In between helping my nurse take care of other patients, I sat and talked to this patient. That day, I realized nursing is bigger than the science; it’s about holistic care and helping others.

My “Call To Care” is different as a nurse educator. I want student nurses to feel passionate about the art of nursing and inspire others to do the same. I love to watch students live out their dreams.

Recently we asked our nursing students about their “Call To Care. You can read a few of their posts below. Caring for others is a common theme of all these stories. For them, nursing is not just a career choice; it is their calling.

Dr. Amber Kool, DNP, RN
Associate Provost
Arizona College of Nursing

Nursing Students Share Their Call To Care Story

I have always had a lifelong dream to be a nurse. I remember when I was 6 years old, I dressed as a nurse for Halloween and my mom tried and tried to get me to take the outfit off. I wanted to be in that costume all the time helping people. Now, as I am an adult, my dream is to serve our communities and the needs of people. I want to be the voice for my patients, be the helping hand when a patient is at their worst. I want to make a difference in at least one person’s life. My father was killed in a horrific accident four years ago, I had my first taste of trauma at that time, and it has driven me to follow the path to help others as the trauma nurses did for me.

nursing student at nurses week

Jennifer Hill, Phoenix Campus

Growing up, I always knew I wanted to help people. I knew I liked making people feel good and I LOVED learning new information, regardless of the subject. Since I come from a family of nurses, this career was almost innate for me. From what I’ve seen my family display, nurses are dedicated, determined, hardworking, empathetic, and forever curious; and that’s exactly what I wanted to embody. Scrubs are also one of the best creations on this planet in my opinion!

nursing school student nurses week post

Paige Wegrzyn, Tempe Campus

Hello, my name is Sonte Hill and my call to care would have to be my father. In 2020, my dad passed from COVID, and it was the worst experience I had to go through. After his passing, I realized where I needed to be in the nursing field. I wish I could’ve been able to help him in any way.

call to care nursing student

Sonte Hill, Southfield Campus

Since I was 12 years old, I’ve wanted to be a nurse, but what really solidified that decision was losing my mom at the age of 15 and not knowing how or why since it happened so suddenly. Later in life, I lost my daughter due to multiple anomalies. Being around such amazing nurses that educated and advocated for me made me realize I want to be that person for patients and their family members.

nurses week nursing college student

Julia Villalpando, Tucson Campus Alumni