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Blog 20- Career ServicesThe Career Services Department at Arizona College is responsible for multiple processes throughout a student’s educational journey.  Representatives work with students during the entire length of their program; beginning with their first session, the externship process, graduation, and even provide employment assistance for graduates and alumni.  Have you met your Career Services Coordinator yet?  It’s best to have regular meetings and to keep in contact, giving you a great resource for many of the questions you may have about starting your career.

What valuable services do Career Services provide for students?

  • Resume Development – Did you know the average employer initially spends less than 30 seconds reviewing your resume? Career Services reviews student resumes and makes suggestions on how to present a polished, well-rounded resume that employers will notice.
  • Mock Interviews – Interviewing is a skill you can learn and Career Services conducts mock interviews with all students. With the right tips, techniques and guidance, students gain the confidence to feel empowered resulting in a great interview.
  • Externship Orientation – Putting into practice the knowledge and skills you have learned during your training is so exciting.  The Career Services Department conducts an Externship Orientation to advise students how to make the most out of externship and what is required to complete externship successfully. Externship is a valuable career learning experience, as it’s an opportunity for students to see first-hand what the day-to-day work activities are in the professional medical setting.  Let Career Services maximize this experience!
  • Externship Coordination – Students are assigned an externship site to complete the final session of their healthcare degree program (for those programs that require externship experience). Career Services can help you successfully coordinate this process.
  • Job Placement Assistance – Career Services assists all graduates and alumni in securing employment. They are in contact with our employment partners and find out firsthand about potential openings for jobs.  Job placement assistance is also offered as service to all Arizona College graduates.
  • Job Fairs/Career Seminars – Attending a job fair is a perfect opportunity to speak with and ask questions directly to the representatives of a particular company of interest. Attending a Career Fair is a great way to sharpen and showcase your skills.  Networking and meeting other like-minded professionals in your field of study is a great way to make connections that can last a lifetime.

The Career Services Department works to develop, empower, and support Arizona College students and graduates.  If you are a student, it is important to meet your Career Services Coordinator early on.  If you are a graduate, make sure they have your updated contact information, such as mailing address, email address, and phone number. Together, let’s find the healthcare career you’ve been dreaming of! Contact the Career Services office today!

Information in this blog post is accurate as of March 17, 2015.