Four Tips to Stay Healthy This Summer

Campus Life

Summer is here, and that means more daylight and warmer weather. It also means our schedules are different, between camps, school breaks, and vacations. While summertime is a fantastic time to be outdoors and enjoy the sun, we must be mindful of specific summer wellness concerns. These four tips can help you stay healthy and happy during the summertime.

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is always necessary for our body, but it is crucial in these hot and humid summer months. Make sure you keep water nearby and drink it often if you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors. If you notice that you are feeling thirstier, your lips are dry, or your urine has a strong foul smell and dark yellow, these are signs that you have not been drinking enough water. Sip, sip, sip!

water graphic

Be aware of ticks

Summertime is also tick season in many parts of the country. When you are outside, be aware of where ticks will be. Ticks live in grassy and brushy areas such as tall grass and wooded areas and can be on your animals. Before heading outdoors, treat your clothing with tick spray and do a body scan before coming back inside your home for any ticks. When doing a body scan on yourself or a loved one, check behind their ears, hair, ankles, clothing, and back. If you find a tick on yourself, use tweezers to grab it and make sure to get the entirety of the tick, including the head, all in one pull. Wash the bite area with soap and water.

Eat Healthily

One of the best parts of the summertime is barbecue gatherings which include food and drinks. Summer is ideal for eating healthy food, especially fruits and vegetables. While driving down the road, you may see local fruit or veggie stands or a farmer’s market. Take advantage of this time of year to stop to pick up your favorite seasonal produce. Don’t forget to wash your vegetables and fruits before consuming them to remove any dirt or germs.

Watch for Poison Ivy

Hikes during the summer can be an adventure when looking at different plants, flowers, trees, and creatures. If you have a young child, you could turn your hike into a scavenger hunt by searching for items that are in nature. However, be aware of poison ivy. If exposed to it, you may develop a rash on your skin. Poison ivy has three leaves, and this phrase is an easy way to identify it, “Leaves of Three, Let It Be.” While on the hike, wear long sleeves and pants and leave the plants alone. Calamine lotion can help with the itching but keep the rash clean and dry. See your medical provider if needed.

poison ivy graphic

Long, sunny days make summer an ideal time to focus on your health by increasing your activity and adding fresh seasonal foods. You can make the most of your summer by following these health tips!

Kaitlyn Ramos
National Nursing Mentor
Arizona College of Nursing