Which Allied Health Program is Right for You?


When you decide to pursue a career in allied health, you will find a wide selection of opportunities in this field. When you first begin your research, the number of career options may seem overwhelming. Keep these helpful tips in mind to narrow your search and find the allied health program that is just right for you.

Hone in on your strengths and weaknesses. Are you a people person? Are you compassionate, understanding, and good at dealing with difficult situations? Or are you happier working independently, in back-office roles? Depending on your personality, you may be suited for a hands-on job that requires empathy and strong customer service skills, like a Medical Assistant or other positions that require working with patients. Or, you may be better suited for a behind-the-scenes job, like working with medical records as a Health Information Technician.

Consider the big picture. Many entry-level allied health jobs can serve as stepping stones to more advanced positions in the healthcare industry. Make sure to consider the long-term career potential, how far you want to advance in your career, and the possibilities for future growth.

Don’t skimp on the research. Many of the professions that are currently growing in the United States are under the allied health umbrella. Visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ website to learn about growing professions in various career fields. It’s also a good idea to browse local job postings to discover which occupations are in demand in your particular geographic area.

To get started preparing for a rewarding career in a variety of allied health career fields, or to learn more about each of our allied health training programs, contact Arizona College.