What is Allied Health?

The term “Allied Health” refers to a wide range of healthcare professions that are not nurses, dentists, or medical doctors. Students pursuing careers as Allied Health professionals must attend medical vocational and technical schools for proper training. Allied Health professionals work in a variety of healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, physician offices, and dental practices.

Preparing for Allied Health Careers

Careers in these health fields have varying requirements for education and certification. At Arizona College, our Allied Health programs provide students with valuable training relevant to their field of study, including patient care training, record keeping, medical terminology, technology, and medical coding. Our programs also include clinical externship components, giving you the opportunity to gain real-world experience in your chosen health field.

Our Allied Health programs are offered at our campuses in Glendale and Mesa, Arizona. We also offer a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree program at our campuses in Las Vegas and Mesa.

Choosing Arizona College

There are many benefits to attending Arizona College, including personalized attention from knowledgeable faculty, flexible program start dates, tutoring services, and financial aid options. Our Career Services team also offers job search support and employment services to Arizona College students and graduates while our Student Services team will help you tackle daily needs such as class scheduling or transportation options.

Learn more about what classes, training, and campus life is like by reading testimonials from students just like you. You can also contact our admissions staff by filling out the request information form. We will happily help you choose the allied health program that best fits your skill set and aspirations!