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A Typical Day in the Shoes of a Registered Nurse

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A Typical Day in the Shoes of a Registered Nurse

The first thing to know about a registered nurse’s typical day, is that it’s anything but typical. Nurses perform all kinds of tasks – either directly to patients or operationally – to ensure their healthcare workplace runs smoothly. You can find registered nurses anywhere from a large general hospital; in the emergency room, in the cardiac critical care unit, or helping with a delivery of a baby in the obstetric department. Other areas where nurses function include hospice care facilities and public and private schools, outpatient surgery centers and in public health. Learn more about what’s expected daily out of registered nurses below.

The Daily Work of a Registered Nurse

Working the job of a Registered Nurse is truly a non-stop experience. If you are the type who gets bored easily or needs to be constantly engaged with tasks, problem-solving or human interaction, you will probably find nursing is the career for you.  Obtaining your Bachelors of Science in Nursing degree at Arizona College puts you above those in many other professional careers. Being a Registered Nurse allows opportunities for greater authority in the hospital to engage in decision-making and a flexible working schedule.

Working as a registered nurse, you can expect your days to include:

  • Checking vital signs
  • Providing direct patient care: conducting physical and psychological assessments, administer medications, collaborate with other healthcare team members to provide holistic care
  • Interpret lab and other diagnostic test
  • Providing patients with education on caring for their illness
  • Working with families to help patients transition home prior to discharge
  • Supervising certified nurse’s aids or Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurses

Of course, these duties may only scratch the surface, particularly depending on the specific healthcare environment you end up in. However, regardless of where registered nurses work, being a part of a larger team dedicated to keeping patients comforted and healthy is the silver lining to a demanding job.

Registered nurses are patient advocates and represent patient concerns to other healthcare professionals. They also help patients and families work through stress and anxiety related to hospitalization when a loved one’s health is declining or in jeopardy.

Few professions offer the opportunity for a flexible schedule like a career in nursing. Find your specialty, hone your skills and you’ll set yourself up for potential opportunities in the location and environment of your choosing—all while being the beneficiary of a feeling of fulfillment knowing patients appreciate your efforts.

Take Your First Step Toward Becoming a Registered Nurse

At Arizona College of Nursing, we give students a blueprint for how to become a Registered Nurse. Take our challenging, real world-focused Bachelor of Science in Nursing program and enjoy a truly rewarding career.

Complete the Request Information form to learn more about our program and the necessary next steps to becoming a registered nurse. Arizona College of Nursing is a great place to begin your education. It is a friendly, caring school of nursing where you will be treated with respect and understanding.

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