Providing Opportunities for Hispanic Nurses & Students

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Partnership with the National Association of Hispanic Nurses supports mission to provide opportunities for Hispanic nurses and students.

Hispanic heritage month is observed September 15th through October 15th and celebrates the culture, history and contributions of Hispanic citizens in America.  In that spirit, we would like to highlight our partner, the National Association of Hispanic Nurses, (NAHN); the leading organization advocating for Latino nurses in communities nationwide.

NAHN was established in 1975 to represent the voices of Latino nurses in our community and country. The organization’s mission is to advance the health in Hispanic communities and to lead, promote and advocate the educational, professional, and leadership opportunities for Hispanic nurses. Part of that mission includes increasing the number of Hispanic nurses, nurse educators and nurse leaders.

While Latinos represent 18% of the US population, less than 7% of the nursing workforce is of Latino descent. Arizona College of Nursing shares NAHN’s commitment to advancing and supporting the growth of Latino nurses both professionally and through education. As part of its commitment to NAHN, Arizona College of Nursing covers the cost of national and local dues (where applicable) for Core Nursing students interested in joining NAHN while enrolled as students. This offer is available to Core Nursing students at all nursing campuses.

There are many benefits of national and chapter membership to NAHN for students including mentorship connection, networking opportunities and leadership development. Members can participate in national advocacy programs, community outreach programs and are eligible for local scholarships and awards. Members will also receive free subscriptions to publication and quarterly journals to stay informed on research and policy issues concerning the Hispanic/Latino population in the United States.  As members advance in their nursing careers, NAHN members will have opportunities for continuing education and  leadership growth in the nursing profession.

Arizona College of Nursing is also a corporate member of NAHN and has joined its Council of Business Advisors.  The council includes organizations such as Pfizer, United Health Group, and CVS working in tandem to develop strategies to support Latino nurses and communities. In addition, Arizona College of Nursing and NAHN will be launching an annual scholarship for pre-licensure nursing students to be announced soon.

Arizona College of Nursing is honored to partner with NAHN. With a growing membership in more than 45 local chapters across the United States, NAHN serves as a center of excellence for its members. By working together, we aim to advance Hispanic nurses and students through educational, professional and leadership opportunities.

For more information about NAHN, please visit: https://www.nahnnet.org/

For more information about partnerships at Arizona College of Nursing, please visit: https://www.arizonacollege.edu/partnerships/