Arizona College is Thankful this Thanksgiving


Arizona College is Thankful this holiday season…  Thanksgiving is here and with Christmas less than 4 weeks away, it is nice to sit back and reflect on the accomplishments of the year.   Arizona College has many of them.   The approval and launch of our Bachelor of Science in Nursing program located at our new Mesa Campus, our Glendale Campus remodel and ABHES site visit with zero compliance violations, to name a few.  On a daily basis, we have the opportunity to educate students and assist them in reaching their full professional potential and help them to find jobs in their field of study, which changes their lives forever.

Arizona College has an amazing staff and student body that truly cares about their fellow coworkers and classmates.  Like years in the past, this Thanksgiving, Arizona College held a Holiday Food Drive, creating Thanksgiving Family Food Baskets for students in need.  Each Thanksgiving Food Basket was filled with all the items needed to prepare a traditional Thanksgiving meal.  With the donations from students and staff, we were able to create Thanksgiving Food Baskets for 14 students (between the Mesa and Glendale Campuses), so they can enjoy a nice Thanksgiving meal with their families.

As we reflect on what we are thankful for this holiday season, let’s not forget the simple things, such as our fellow students sitting to our left or right, the instructor lecturing this session’s course, or the staff that completes the behind the scenes daily operations, that keeps Arizona College running day after day.  To learn more about Arizona College, contact us at (602) 222-9300.

Information in this blog post is accurate as of November 28, 2013.