The Benefits of Earning Your Degree in Medical Assisting

Allied Health Program

Thinking about a career in the rewarding field of Medical Assisting? While earning your degree isn’t a requirement for working as a Medical Assistant, choosing a training program that leads to a degree in Medical Assisting can offer advantages for program graduates.

A degree in Medical Assisting can potentially give you a leg up on the competition during the job interview process. Your longer training period may also set you apart from those who hold either diplomas or certificates, and make you a more appealing candidate when it comes time to hire for a Medical Assisting position.

While degree programs require more credit hours and take more time to complete than diploma or certificate programs, the additional coursework and general education classes results in a thorough, well-rounded education. At Arizona College, our Medical Assisting degree program includes courses specific to the field of Medical Assisting, as well as general education courses such as College English, Current Events, and Speech Communications. Our degree program graduates are prepared with the knowledge and training to be successful in their careers.

When you earn a degree in Medical Assisting, you will be entering a field in which the job outlook from 2010-2020 is increasing much faster than average at 31%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And as a health professional with a degree in Medical Assisting, your extensive training could give you the edge you need to land your dream job in your chosen field.

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