The Benefits of a Massage Therapy Program


Do you have a way with your hands? Are your friends and family members constantly asking for your magic touch to soothe their aching muscles? Would you prefer a hands-on career allowing you to meet a variety of people and maintain close client relationships? If you’re still reading you might be perfect for Arizona College’s massage therapy program. We equip motivated learners with the hands-on training and theoretical guidance over a 35-week training program so they can fulfill their passion to soothe in becoming massage therapists.

Learn more about the benefits of Arizona College’s Massage Therapy program below.

Hands-On Training from Experienced Therapists

It’s hard to turn your soft hands into a masseuse’s perfection without the guidance of our seasoned instructors and real-world equipment to learn from. Our massage therapist students take full advantage of massage tables, chairs, anatomy charts, human skeletons, anatomical DVDs and even hot stones as part of their hands-on massage therapy training.
Deep Theoretical Knowledge of Human Body

Knowing where to put your hands is only the half of it. Our students learn a comprehensive background in Anatomy and Physiology through labs and lectures to gain insight into how each movement affects the human body, including postural alignments and structural dysfunctions. Our curriculum also includes courses on Massage Theory and Techniques; such as the Swedish Massage; Sports and Injury Massage; Lower Body Palpations; Eastern and Energetic Approaches; Spine and Thorax Palpations; just to name a few. 


One of the exciting benefits of attending a massage therapy school is the opportunity to have your own massage therapist practice later on. We offer Business and Marketing classes so students can promote their services once they’ve completed their training and become certified. So get ready to work on your services pitch, or start envisioning what your massage therapy practice will look like in the future.

Your Career on Your Time

Many people want to go to school but can’t afford to work less hours or quit their job altogether. A major advantage of attending Arizona College’s massage therapy school is the flexibility in class times offered. Students can choose from either morning or evening classes, and sessions start every five weeks. For individuals needing financial assistance, aid can be available for those that qualify. Each student has access to Arizona College’s peer mentoring program, as well as tutoring and open lab sessions by appointment. Each graduate of our massage therapy school receives Career Services placement assistance to help find a job. We want each student to have as many options as possible so they can go on to prosper in the exciting career of massage therapy.

Further Your Education

Think attending Arizona College’s massage therapy school is right for you? Get in touch using the Request Information form to the right. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Information in this blog post is accurate as of November 10, 2015.