Setting Students up for Success: Student Services


AZCollege_student_servicesArizona College Student Services is comprised of a team of professionals who coordinate valuable support services for students, promoting the successful completion of student programs.  The Student Services team performs a wide variety of tasks. They are involved throughout the student’s educational journey, beginning with student orientation, through to graduation day and beyond.

The Student Services office also helps in organizing the new student orientation each session.  Activities at orientation include:

  1. An introduction and welcoming from Arizona College Department leaders
  2. Textbook, uniform, and class schedule distribution
  3. A brief overview of the Student Handbook, including important program specific policies and procedures
  4. Food, fun, and mingling with fellow new students

Immunization records are also tracked by Student Services. Students are contacted to ensure they are compliant with all immunization requirements to attend class and begin their externship.  Because most programs at Arizona College require physical contact with mock patients (fellow students and instructors) during lab, it is important that students are current on all required immunizations.

Student Services arranges resources for and provides information to students in many ways.  In need of transportation to and from school?  Student Services can help!  Transportation resources for bus passes or carpooling coordination are available.  Sometimes life happens; students may find themselves in a temporary situation in which they may need information on babysitting facilities, food banks, or temporary housing shelters.  Student Services can offer confidential support from agencies to help students through this temporary bump in the road.

Lastly, Student Services coordinates the entire graduation process.  They order student graduation caps and gowns, graduation invitations, and coordinate the graduation ceremony.  Student Services is available to help students in a variety of ways to keep them on the right track.  Often the road of life for a student contains many detours, but with assistance from Student Services and the successful completion of their program, the finish line of graduation is attainable!

Are you interested in a new career in Healthcare?  Arizona College offers programs that begin every five weeks!  Contact us today and learn about our Allied Health programs and our Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program.  Visit the campus; take a tour of our classrooms and labs.  We have an amazing team that can provide the support needed to successfully make your dream into a reality.

Information in this blog post is accurate as of March 4, 2015.