AZCollege_student_servicesThe Student Services department is your hands-on guide during your training at Arizona College. Involved from your first class through to graduation day, Student Services is here to help you succeed in your chosen program.

The Student Services Department at Arizona College is your resource for questions about anything from textbooks and uniforms, to daycare options and transportation assistance. Representatives at the Student Services office are here to help orient you to your program, providing you with the necessary tools and expectations that come with it. The healthcare field requires that rigorous criteria be met for both students and professionals in the industry, and Student Services works with you to navigate and fulfill these requirements.

The Student Services department offers both Academic and Social Services

To assist you academically, Student Services starts by coordinating orientation. At orientation you are given your class schedule, as well as information about textbooks, uniforms, and program specific policies and procedures. Beyond student orientation, Student Services:

  • Tracks attendance
  • Ensures all student immunization records current
  • Prints grades and transcripts
  • Answers questions regarding class schedules
  • Hosts award ceremonies for Attendance and Dean’s List honorees
  • Coordinates graduation and commencement

To provide students with the additional social support they may need, Student Services also arranges transportation resources, and provides information on babysitting facilities, food banks, or temporary housing shelters.

Student Services at Arizona College is committed to providing the logistical and social support you need to help eliminate the outside stresses of live and ensure academic success. As a student in one of our healthcare degree or diploma programs, you will have access to both Student and Career Services at Arizona College to help you in your time as a student and beyond.

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