Medical Assisting Training Program

Medical Assistant Training

Medical Assisting is a rewarding and growing career that requires proper training. Medical Assistants perform a variety of tasks that keep the offices of physicians and other health practitioners running smoothly. They are in constant communication with both patients and staff, while performing both clinical and administrative tasks. This program is offered at our Glendale and Mesa Campuses only.

Classes start as soon as June 5, 2017!

Choosing a Medical Assisting Program

Though various Medical Assisting schools exist around the country, Arizona College is committed to providing a Medical Assistant training program that will help you gain the skills needed to be a part of this exciting and fulfilling field.

Our Medical Assisting training program consists of a comprehensive curriculum and includes:

  • The option to pursue either a  diploma or associate degree
  • Hands-on Medical Assisting training in our modern medical laboratories
  • Medical Assisting courses taught by experienced faculty
    • Both lecture and lab courses offered
  • Course material that prepares students with the knowledge and skills required to work in both the front (administrative/clerical) and back (patient care/clinical) offices
  • Medical externship experience to prepare students for careers in real-world medical offices

Other benefits of our Medical Assisting training program include:

  • Accelerated morning and evening classes
  • Flexible schedules with sessions starting every 5 weeks
  • Financial aid available to those who qualify
  • Open lab and tutoring sessions (by appointment)
  • Access to Arizona College’s peer mentoring program
  • Career Services employment placement assistance (upon successful completion of the program)

The Medical Assisting diploma program is 3 quarters in duration. After the on-campus portion of the program, each student completes an off-campus, 5 week clinical externship.  Including the externship, the entire program requires approximately 30 weeks.

The Medical Assisting associate degree program is 6 quarters in duration. Like the Medical Assisting diploma program, each student completes an off-campus, 5 week clinical externship after completion of the on-campus portion of the program. Including the externship, the entire program requires approximately 60 weeks.

Arizona College Medical Assisting Lab 

After Completion of the Program

Upon successful completion of the program, graduates are encouraged  to pursue certification as additional validation of the knowledge they have  gained. Arizona College also provides each student with the support they  need to start their career as a Medical Assistant through job placement  assistance from a Career Services Coordinator.

Have you been wondering, “How do I become a Medical Assistant?”    Whether you want to change careers or simply dream of something more out of life, our Medical Assisting program can prepare you for a career in the dynamic world of health care. Complete a form to receive more information about our Medical Assistant training program, including program requirements, class schedules, financial aid, and more.  Don’t let another day go by, contact Arizona College today!

*Click here for more important information about the diploma program about graduation and placement rates, the median debt of students who complete the program.