Dallas nursing school student spotlight

Dallas Nursing School Student Spotlight

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I wanted a profession that allowed me to give back to the community

Claire Dorn knows firsthand that life doesn’t always go as expected. The single mom of four kids, ages 11 to 19, never thought she would become a pediatric nurse. She had devoted herself to homeschooling her children and was ready to care for adults. But when she finished her clinicals at Arizona College of Nursing she knew she loved working in pediatrics and quickly accepted a residency at a top children’s hospital in Dallas. 

dallas nursing school student spotlightLike many students, her path wasn’t a straight one. After starting college, she left and started a family. In addition to teaching her kids full time, she also took jobs in tax preparation and retail. She believes each of those roles, especially homeschooling, has prepared her for her next chapter. 

In 2018 she suddenly found herself as a single mom and she knew she had to find a way to support her family. “I didn’t just want another job”, said Claire. “I wanted a profession that allowed me to grow both personally and professionally and give back to the community.  I have always been interested in the medical field and solving puzzles, so nursing seemed like a great fit.”  

 “I have gained wisdom through the years so my goals and what is important to me are clear,” continued Claire. “I love taking care of my family, but I’ve had a lot of support from family and friends. Pursuing nursing gives me the opportunity to give back and take care of other families”.  

The three-year BSN program meant she could finish school faster

Arizona College of Nursing had what she needed to reach her goals. The three-year program meant she could finish school faster and start her career sooner. She soon found herself among a cohort of seven that included other mothers, fresh-faced college students and even one grandmother. The group quickly bonded and became like family to each other, sharing their personal lives and leaning on each other for support.   

In Claire’s program, she also encountered great teachers that were clearly passionate about their specialties.  She also found the staff willing to help and listen. For Claire and her cohorts, it was important Arizona College of Nursing provided for her needs and offered a safe place to talk about more than just school.  

Claire graduated from the Dallas Campus on August 19th. She is looking forward to passing her NCLEX and embarking on her career. Claire believes pursuing nursing after having family responsibilities and other jobs made her a stronger student. 

Claire says she is not the same person as when she was younger and has a greater appreciation of what is important. “Having life experience helped me understand who I was and what I wanted”.

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Information in this blog post is accurate as of August 25, 2022.