Career Spotlight: Working in Mail Order Pharmacy


As a Pharmacy Technician in a mail-order pharmacy, the goal is to ensure that customers receive the highest level of care by providing quality service that emphasizes patient convenience. Unlike traditional pharmacy settings, mail-order Pharmacy Technicians don’t deal directly with the public; rather, medications are mailed from the pharmacy and delivered to patients’ homes.

Daily tasks for a Pharmacy Technician in a mail-order pharmacy can range from filling individual vials to replenishing large dispensing cells, preparing medications and compounds, and entering patient and prescription information into the database. It’s crucial to have excellent written and oral communication skills to ensure optimal customer care. It’s also important to be meticulous, as handling prescription details requires great attention to detail.

There are numerous professional benefits in this work environment, including the ability to work in a relatively low-stress workplace, along with plenty of opportunities to interact with pharmacists and other healthcare professionals. Generally, in this profession cross-training opportunities are abundant, and working in a mail-order pharmacy can be a great place to begin and grow your career in Pharmacy Technology.

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