What Is The Job Outlook For Nurses In Sarasota, Florida?

Nursing Careers

If you are looking into the thriving healthcare field in Sarasota, Florida, a nursing career may be the right path. Registered nurses are a vital part of patient care and advocacy. They make a tangible difference in people’s lives and are crucial to quality healthcare.

Let’s explore the job market for R.N. nurses in Sarasota based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This information will provide a clear perspective of the opportunities in this area.

Sarasota Nursing Job Market Overview

  • Average Hourly Wage: The average hourly wage for registered nurses in Sarasota is $38.78, based on BLS data (Source).
  • Average Annual Wage: According to BLS, the average annual wage for registered nurses in Sarasota is $80,670 (Source).
  • Entry and Top Percentile Earnings: Per BLS data, entry level wages for registered nurses in the Sarasota area typically start around $62,420. However, the top percentile earnings for registered nurses in Sarasota reach up to $96,970 per BLS data. The median income for households in Sarasota, according to the 2021 U.S. Census, is $69,490, substantially lower than the average annual wage of nurses in the area (Source).

If you want to become a registered nurse in Sarasota, understanding market opportunities and average salaries will be vital to deciding your career path.

Employment Opportunities

In Sarasota, the job market for registered nurses is robust, offering many opportunities for newly graduated and experienced nurses. Let’s delve into some statistics that underline the employment prospects in this area.

  • Number of Registered Nurses: The number of registered nurses currently employed in Sarasota is 7,050, according to BLS (Source). According to the BLS, nursing jobs are expected to rise 6% from 2022 to 2032, growing faster than all other occupations (Source).
  • Employment per 1,000 jobs: Furthermore, the employment rate of nurses per 1,000 jobs stands at 22.725, which is higher than the 21.456 per thousand in Florida overall. A higher employment rate per 1,000 jobs signifies a better chance of securing a nursing position, making Sarasota an attractive location for aspiring nurses (Source).

With many employed nurses and a favorable employment rate, Sarasota presents an environment for nursing careers to flourish.

Broader Nursing Field Overview

Sarasota’s healthcare sector extends beyond registered nurses, encompassing a range of nursing professionals, including Nursing Assistants, Licensed Practical Nurses, and Licensed Vocational Nurses.

Here’s a glimpse into the broader nursing field:

  • Average Annual Wage: Other than registered nurses, the average annual wage for these nursing roles is $49,910 (Source).
  • Number Employed: According to BLS data, employment numbers for other nursing roles in Sarasota are as follows: Nursing Assistants: 3,450, Licensed Practical and Vocational Nurses: 1,660 (Source).

Bradenton Nursing Program Campus While these roles are essential in healthcare, they earn less and have fewer job opportunities than registered nurses. Earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree and becoming a registered nurse (RN) opens up more lucrative prospects.

Arizona College of Nursing – Sarasota is proud to offer a 3-year BSN program at our campus in University Park.

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Embarking on a nursing career is a significant decision, and where you choose to pursue your education matters. The Arizona College of Nursing – Sarasota offers a BSN program built to prepare you for a thriving nursing career. Here are some key advantages:

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  • Evening Courses: Night classes for General Education courses can provide a flexible schedule for our students.
  • Modern Facilities: Simulation labs facilitate practical, hands-on learning that bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical skills.
  • Continuous Enrollment: New sessions for general education courses start every eight weeks, providing flexible entry points for aspiring nurses.
  • Personalized Attention: Our dedicated faculty provides personalized attention, ensuring each student gets the necessary support to succeed.

The curriculum and the learning environment at Arizona College of Nursing – Sarasota is structured to foster critical thinking, community, and a deep understanding of the nursing profession. We’re committed to helping our students become knowledgeable nurses and compassionate caregivers.

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