SimMom prepares nursing students for labor and delivery


SimMomPreparesLaborAndDeliveryImagine, you’re nearly 9 months pregnant while purchasing some last minute grocery items to stock your refrigerator before the highly anticipated arrival of your little bundle of joy.  When all of a sudden, your water breaks and contractions begin! While ditching your cart and waddling to your car, you call your partner, as it’s time to head to the hospital!  You arrive with your perfectly packed suitcase and begin the process of labor and delivery check-in.  Once in your labor and delivery room, the nurse and doctor perform an examination; you’re so close to meeting your little one!

With approximately 267 humans born each minute around the world, Labor and Delivery professionals truly have their hands full.  While birth stories vary to a great degree, most involve a combination of specially trained nurses, midwifes and/or physicians. The professionals are required to know, minute by minute, the health status of the laboring mother and that of the unborn child.  This process might seem daunting to some, but with real-world scenario training on High-Fidelity simulation manikins, healthcare professionals are well prepared for a wide variety of birthing scenarios that may require multiple plans of action.

Arizona College’s Department of Nursing is pleased to announce the newest addition to the simulation lab: SimMom!  SimMom is the latest innovation in full-body birthing simulation.  SimMom is a High Fidelity, anatomically precise manikin that is programmed to create a wide variety of extremely realistic labor and delivery scenarios.  One scenario that the SimMom is equipped to simulate is a postpartum hemorrhage, which is the leading cause of maternal death post-delivery, even in developed countries.  Arizona College nursing students use the knowledge received from their courses and experience during simulation laboratory and clinicals, to be prepared to care for a mother during labor and delivery.

A nursing education with high-fidelity manikins, such as with SimMom, provides incredible benefits to students.  SimMom allows nursing instructors to accommodate individual students or team learning environments at basic or advanced levels.  Learning how to make quick decisions during childbirth can mean the difference between life and death.  A nursing education that includes training with advanced simulation manikins, such as SimMom, provides the confidence needed to make fast and accurate decisions under pressure.

Nurses can work in a wide variety of settings including labor and delivery.  If you are interested in a Nursing Career and would like the education, experience and credentials required to begin working in the rewarding healthcare industry, contact Arizona College today.  Our Bachelor of Science in Nursing program is offered at our Mesa, AZ campus which includes modern facilities and simulation laboratories for a hands-on educational experience.

Information in this blog post is accurate as of January 20, 2015.